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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are an excellant way to add comfort to any room in your home. Save energy and increase comfort in winter or summer. In the hot summer months a ceiling fan can help circulate the cool air provided by your AC system throughout the room. Warm air naturally rises to the ceiling in your home, a ceiling fan can help in the winter months by circulating that warm air throughout the entire room from floor to ceiling.

Ceiling fans can also provide comfort in outdoor porches, gazebo's and pavilions. There are specially made fans for outdoor use that can make your backyard BBQ's more enjoyable for family and friends.

A ceiling fan can be installed vertually in any room, garage or even outdoors for your covered porch. Depending on your homes structuraul make up, a ceiling fan can be installed even where there is no existing ceiling light fixture. If it's an existing light fixture you have decided to swap out for a ceiling fan, we may have to change out the electrical box to one that will support the weight and constant movement of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans come in many varieties of styles, sizes and colors, sizes vary from a 14" diameter for a small bedroom or a huge 96" diameter for a large shop or shed application. Wagner Electric's years of experience can help you with choosing the proper ceiling fan for any application your may need.

Wagner Electric can also install a ceiling fan wall mounted speed control. This control provides you with 4 operation modes for the fan, off, low speed, medium speed and high speed. Although you will still have to manually control the reverse option from the switch located on the fan with the changing from summer to winter. Fan speed controls also can have an additional control for a light kit, depending on your application you can add a light dimming control.

Already have a ceiling fan but you would like more lighting in the room? depending on the age of your existing fan, Wagner Electric can install a light kit to your existing fan. Light fixture kits comes in many variations, including number of lamps, shade sytles and also colors. Wagner Electric will determine which brand light kit will be compatible for your current fan.

Wagner Electric can provide the service you may need for your ceiling fan project, generally ceiling fan installation will cost $78.00 for a customer supplied fan unit. Prices can vary depending upon whether we replacing an existing fan unit or installing a fan where not yet exist. Call today for a free quote on the cost for your specfic project.

Ceiling Fan Installation Includes
  • Fan assembly.
  • Fan blade balancing.
  • Disposal of your old ceiling fan unit.
  • Inspection of your existing ceiling fan electrical box.
  • Professional electrical wiring.
  • Cleanup of area's worked.

Ceiling Fans Installed
  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Indoors & Outdoors.
  • Any height or pitch ceiling.

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