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Obsolete Fuse Panels

Is your home powered by an old obsolete fuse panel? Many homes still a fuse panel, that in most cases are limited to 60 amps. Although a fuse can provide more protection against overloads and short circuit, they do have there down sides. Most fuse panels have a limited number of individual fuse terminals, the most common fuse panel only hase four individual fuse terminals.

Over Fusing Hazards, A Sure Fire Starter

A properly sized fuse can protect electrical wiring and appliances as well or even better than a breaker, but once they they have blown, they need to be replaced with a new fuse. Replacing your old worn out obsolete fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel has the advantage of simply resetting the circuit breaker in the case of an overload, leaving you with nothing to purchase to get back in business. The most common problem with a fuse panel is over fusing. Standard fuses have a screw base that is identical as that of an incandescent light bulb. The most common fuse sizes are 15, 20 & 30 amp rated, each of these size fuses have the same standard screw base, which allows them to interchanged between each other. The different wire sizes, which are most commonly 14, 12 & 10 gauge, have their maximum allowable ampacity which they can saffely carry. 14 gauge wire is rated for 15amps, 12 guage wire is rated for 20amps and 10 gauge wire is rated for 30amps.

Most home owners don't have the knowledge, training or test equipment to identify proper sizing for an electrical circuit. Blowing a fuse is an inconvience, replacing a 15amp fuse with a 30amp may seem like the right thing to do to keep from continually blowing fuses, butthis practice is a sure way cause a fire or other hazard. Placing a 30 amp fuse to a circuit with 14 gauge (15 amp rated wire) will cause the electrical wiring to over heat, causing the wiring to prematurely fail. If your blowing on a regular basis, than there is surely there is a problem that needs to be diagnosed by a qualified electrician. Wagner Electric can provide the knowledge and know how when it comes to problems associated to blowing fuses or even a circuit breaker.

Comon Edison Base Fuse

SA Type Safety Fuse Adapter

SA Type Safety Fuse

Common Problems Associated With Fuse Panels

  • Over Fusing
  • Limited Number of Connection Terminals
  • Home Owners Insurance Issues
  • Limited grounding protection

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