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Most home owners worry about power surges caused by something from outside the house, like lightning strikes or a downed power line. While lightning is the most dangerous cause of power surges, it's far from the most common. 60% to 80% of power surges come from inside the home, typically from major appliances such as clothes washer, AC systems and other automatically controlled appliances.

Power surges can be happening all day long in your home without you even being aware of its occurance. Over time, those surges can have an effect on sensitive electronics, such as tv's, computer equipment and even microwave ovens. The end result of these surges will shorten the life of your applainces and other devices.Since power surges don't present a fire hazard, protective devices aren't required by building codes or homeowner's insurance carriers.

Power surges can be controlled by installing a surge protector (commonly refered to as surge suppressor or surge diverter), most home owners purchase point of use power strips that have built in surge protection. A surge protector is designed to protect devices from voltage spikes by diverting the unwanted voltages to the grounding system. Manufacturer's of surge protectors require that a power strip surge protector be plugged into a grounded outlet, in the case of making a claim for an appliance that was damaged by a power surge, the claim would probably be denied based on the fact the surge protector was plugged into an ungrounded outlet.

Whole house surge protection can be installed to protect the entire homes appliances and devices. A whole house surge protector is installed in the homes electrical breaker box, and is attached to its own dedicated circuit breaker. The dedicated circuit breaker is placed in a breaker space that is a close as possible to the main power cables fedding the breaker panel. Having a whole house surge protector is the best protection against power surges, it could also be cheaper than buying multiple power strip surge protectors. Whole house surge protection will also benifit a home that has ungrounded wiring.

Whether you have an older breaker panel or newer breaker panel, it should have a good grounding system outside of the rest of the wiring in your home. When a surge protector is installed in the breaker panel, it would be a good idea to check the electrical services main grounding sytem. The grounding connections should be checked to ensure that they are tight and have good connection. Without a good grounding system, the surge protection installation would be non-effective. Wagner Electric will check your grounding system to ensure that it is functional. In most cases we can installed a whole house surge protector for under $300. Surge protectors are also available for TV and data circuits.

We use quality, effect and affordable brand surge protectors for what ever your needs may be.

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