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Push Matic Breaker Panels

Push Matic brand breaker panels and breakers are obsolete equipment, although you may find replacement breakers for the Push Matic brand, they will be quite expensive. With the ever changing electrical code, and the continued addition of GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) & AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) requirements, home owners are left to adding a sub-panel to met those requirements. Push Matic brand GFCI and AFCI breakers are no longer available, to add a sub-panel would mean locating an appropriate sized Push Matic breaker to supply power to the new sub-panel. The best case scenario would be to have the obsolete panel replaced.

The most common failure of the Push Matic brand breakers were the fact that they could not be manually turned "on" or "off". Manually pushing the breakers button would have no affect, leaving the home owner the lack in the ability to turn a circuit "on" or "off". There has been numerous reports of Push Matic breakers failing to trip under an overload occurrence. Breakers today employ thermal and magnetic trip mechanism's, both of these mechanism's together give the home owner added protection agaisnt an overload. Push Matic breakers on the other hand employed only a thermal trip mechanism, which left a circuit to continue to overload and get hot. Extreme heat applied to your electrical wiring is a sure way to create hazardous electrical problems in your home or business.

Push Matic breakers were internally grease fed, if the breaker is not used (pushed "on" or "off") and serviced regularly, they would become stiff. With not being operated regualary they would become difficult to operate or reset. Being in a corrosive, damp or dusty enviroment would also leave the breakers difficult to opperate when needed. If your planning an addition or renovation project that involves additional electrical circuits, Call Wagner Electric today to have your obsolete electrical equipment replaced. We evaluate your current electrical equipment, and design the proper installtion for all your today's and future electrical needs.

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Push Matic Breaker Panel

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Push Matic Breaker Panel

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Push Matic Breaker

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Push Matic Breaker

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