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Electrical Service Upgrade Installation

Many people live in homes that were built more 45 years ago. Which means that many of these homes have electrical systems that were not built to handle today's electrical needs. This makes an electrical services upgrade not only desirable, but a safety necessity. An obsolete home electrical system trying to handle modern electricity needs is not just inconvenient for home owners but can be dangerous. Struggling with flickering lights, tripping breakers, or blowing fuses continously is reason to have a service upgrade completed for your home.

Your home may have an obsolete 60amp electrical service with a fuse box. It has become a common occurance that insurance companies are requiring that the home owner have these types of electrical services upgraded in order to continue insuring the home. This is requirement when selling or buying an older home with this type of existing installation. In most cases the seller will be required to have the service upgraded as a condition to complete the sale of the home. You can read more about this subject here.

Signs You May Need A Service Upgrade
  • Lights constantly flicker when major appiance are used.
  • Circuits breaker often trip or fuses blow.
  • Electrical panel buzzing or breakers getting hot.
  • Wires in electrical panel are burnt or overheated.
  • Double tapped fuse or breaker terminals.
  • Out dated 60amp electrical service.
  • Out dated fuse box.

A complete electrical service upgrade to your home is a complex job that, for safety reasons, requires an experienced electrician. It usually involves upgrading an existing 60amp service to 100amps or even 200amps, which is the standard in today's homes.

The upgrade process normally invloves the complete replacement of electrical service, which includes the line side service entrance cable, meter socket, load side service entrance cable, the grounding and bonding system, and, of course the breaker or fuse panel. Depending on clearance requirements, we may have to relocate the equipment on the exterior of the home. Additions, decks, porches and other structures built through the years may not allow the required clearances to be met.

Wagner Electric has the expertice and know how when it comes to an electrical service upgrade project. We will handle getting the proper permits and also do the scheduling with the inspector and your local electric service utilities. We will completely remove all the old equipment and take all the related trash with us so that you don't have to. We care about the looks of your home and our work, we take care in providing a neat and clean installation. Call us today to get a free quote to have your electrical service upgraded to give you peace of mind and a safe home for years to come.

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Obsolete Breaker & Fuse Panels

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